Welcome to VESOMA

VESOMA, a Fitness, Rehabilitation and Sports Medical Centre was established to cater to the increasing demand for holistic well being. At VESOMA, we pride ourselves in offering our members responsive, competent and excellent services which includes:

Fitness Centre

The equipments available are treadmills and recumbent bikes from Life Fitness, cross trainers from Octane and rowers from Concept.


This department promotes wellness and management of injuries in a unique and ideal environment.


Aquatic therapy or Hydro therapy is physiotherapy that is performed in the water.

Group Exercise Classes

Ever need some extra motivation to get to the gym and get that fitness fire burning? Group Exercise is your answer.

Senior Citizen Classes

In today’s day and age many citizens in Bangalore, over the age of sixty find day to day normal household chores a task.


Good nutrition enhances your quality of life and helps prevent diseases.